Scientist Case

About the client

The person who asked me this case, is a lover of beautiful things. He really likes everything that is beauty and he always want to almost reach perfection for everything that he does.
He is a founder, president and master of a LARP game association of north of Italy.
This case was asked for one of his fearsome character.

The Project

The character that had to use this case is the Maximum Cleric of a religion that reaches for the perfect races between creatures. He collects samples of every kind of living organism and he studies it.
His style is something more futuristic then Steampunk, but less then Cyberpunk. Were talking about Dieselpunk. I had to capture this spirit in the case.


Client Name Etemenanki

Year 2014

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Challenges and Achievements

The difficult part in this project was to give outright the impression that this was the case of a researcher, a scientist, but also a fanatic that things that the world is going to fight a big war between people and machines that want to kill everything that is a living thing.

For this reason I thought about a brass and copper microscope with a little electric circuit in it. Obviously is not a real microscope, but it's beautiful to see at work.

Inside the case there are also a notepad and a big ancient syringe that I found at the antique market.

dieselpunk steampunk scientist kit