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Fantasy Backpack for

About the client

The person who requested this project is one of the good ones. He likes to play very much and also he really can cook quality good dishes, together with his girlfriend.
He really takes care of leather goods and I saw again this backpack after some time and it was good as new!

The Project

Actually to please the client, I did not developed one project, but 4. He requested for:

  • A rigid, hard leather, backpack
  • An alchemist case (with all accessories)
  • A thief kit
  • A vampires/werewolves hunter case (with all accessories)


Year 2014

Alchemist Case click here

Thief Kit click here

Hunter Case click here


So, four item in one. Not so easy. Every piece should be used together eith the others or by itself, depending on the character that is interpreted by the player in that specific moment.
Wasn't easy so I started sketching. Obviously, reality is different from what is on a piece of paper, but I followed the idea, pretty much.


Challenges and Achievements

Challenge here was to have something that had to be practical, easy to use, waterproof, larp-gamer proof and also beautiful.
I decided to put all my time on this project and also to put inside the cases and the thief kit some antique items that I went to get at the antique market in my city.

fantasy larp backpack