About the client

The person who requested the design and dressmaking of this costume, is a long-time customer, as well as being a close friend.
She is a very demanding person, who knows the value of money and who has always claimed to prefer to spend a little more, to get a high quality result. She had already commissioned me in the past some pretty complex jobs, so I was happy to please her once again.

The Project

Request was to have a custom-made a tailored costume that had to represent a fantasy shaman for a LARP community from the north of Italy. The costume has been made on the girl measurement: expressly for her. She alse gave us some accessories that she wanted to be part of the character.


Client Name Montagna del tempo

Year 2016

See it live Le Cronache del Sole Nero

Challenges and Achievements

The challenge was to make a light costume, that had to be comfortable and complex at the same time. Also, it had to be completed with a headpiece.
I decided to use some deerskin to have good quality leather and also to be sure that the costume could remain soft.

I've been requested to ruin the leather, because the shaman was kind of gipsy. It almost broke my hearth, but I did it.
For the headpiece I used some fur and feathers.

shaman larp costume