Fantasy Steampunk Belt

About the client

The person who requested this item knows well what she want and when she asks something, she does it in the right way. She knows the value of something that it's handmade and she confessed that she loves my works and that she would like to "buy" me.
Well, now she is one of my loyal customers (and a friend too) and she has her special discount.

The Project

This belt was requested for a fantasy/steampunk character played for a LARP game that is organized and played in the north of Italy.
The character was a medician, but also had to defend herself, so she wanted to have multiple throwing daggers attached to her legs to be able to throw them and run away in case of danger.


Year 2014

Used also Steampunk costume


Most difficult part of this project were all the strips and laces, I could lose myself so the sketch had to be very detailed. It wasn't easy...


Challenges and Achievement

Customer asked for a multi-functional belt. It should had multiple pouches, multiple dagger holster, fit well and also be beautiful and comfortable.
It also had to be used without all this stuff as a simple belt.
Since almost everything that I do is custom, I had to study something that could be used for multile purposes.

I decided to use soft leather, fabric and brass details for this belt and all accessories. It's a very complicate project because it should support itself by "grabbing" person's hip and legs.
For this reason it's full of laces and stips that are all embedded one with the other.

I also did a version with a modified nerfgun. I painted it to give it a brass and copper look and made a leather holster that can be added to the belt too.

fantasy steampunk belt