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Harley bag

About the client

A dear friend of mine (almost a brother) is a rider and he travels a lot, so everything that he puts on his Harley will travel with him. He is a very demanding person, so when he came to me, I knew that th project would be interesting...

The Project

Since the bag was meant to be used on a Harley Davidson, I knew that one of the peculiarity had to be the strength.
Obviously, the bag had to be waterproof too, but the interesting thing was that my friend ask it to be very big and to have the turn signal inside of it.


Year 2014

Challenges and Achievements

Waterproof was not so difficult, because leather naturally is and to sew it I used waxed string, plus I added some wax again to be sure that no water could go inside the bag.
The real challenge was having a very big case, that had to surround the turn signal and be hard and rigid.

I had to use multiple levels of hard leather and to hand sew every part of the case, to be sure to accomplish the mission. Well, it was worth it.

harley bag