LARP Leather

About the client

The person who asked for this project is an artist and he usually draw fantastic characters for kids books that are sold all over the world.

He has a very big imagination and he wanted to have a good product, but this time characters had to inspire terror and respect at the same time.

The Project

The product had to be made of leather, to be transpirant but it also had to look like something made of plastic or ceramic. Masks were ment to be used from a LARP community from the north of Italy.

Characters that had to wear these masks, are very important in the universe of this game so masks had to be perfect.


Client Name Montagna del tempo

Year 2016

See it live Le Cronache del Sole Nero

Challenges and Achievements

I actually didn't know how to make leather masks. So I searched for a mask-master, a real one.
A person who learned the art a lot of years ago from another master who learned from another one and so on.

This art went through centuries and I feel very honored to have had the opportunity to learn from one of the last mask-master in Italy.

At the end I learned and I started. Wasn't easy because leather has to be stretched firmly using a lot of strength during all the process that usually takes 3 days if the mold is ready. If the mold does not exist, it has to be carved and this process takes 3 days too.
So usually, for a new mask the time required is 6 days.

larp leather masks