Steampunk Costume

About the idea

This project was realized for an exhibition during the "Lucca Comics & Games" fair of 2015 that usually takes place in Halloween period. I wanted to realize a beautiful costume for woman so I started to work on it.

The Project

The very important thing was to understand Steampunk spirit and for this reason I started looking around and talking to Steampunk addicted.
The costume had to be complete: from the hat do the shoes. Nothing could be left behind. I wanted people to feel the Steampunk spirit.


Occasion Lucca Comics & Games

Year 2015


After I figured out what I wanted to accomplish, sketches begun to take shape.
All details had a sketch, to be sure that nothing was left to chance.


Challenges and Achievement

At the moment that I started cutting the leather for this project, I didn't actually know how to make a corset nor a top hat.
I searched through the web, in some tailoring books and then I simply started.

I had to repeat many passages and throw away some prototypes, but at the end result arrived and a lot of people stopped our model in the street, during the fair, to make photos.

Steampunk Costume for woman