Steampunk Pirate

About the client

The person who requested this project was very motivated on having a good quality costume. He had to use it for his marriage!
He traveled through Italy with his best man to see my studio in person and to let me take his measurement. He wanted to be sure that everything would be perfect.

The Project

Request was to create a complete character that had to be a Steampunk pirate.
He needed everything: suit, accessories, etc... He only had a pair of beautiful boots.


Year 2016


First thing first, so I proposed to my customer a sketch of what was my idea and he was enthusiast. We talked about materials that had to be used and costume fitting needs.
We also decided together which one could have been the best colour for the leather, but also for all metal parts and we agreed about using brass.


Challenges and Achievements

Since the marriage was planned in June, it was extremely important to have a suit that had to be light and fresh. Obviously, having all that metal and leather, it wasn't so easy.
A pirate hat and a leather mask with a skull were part of the request too.

After some week and a lot of coffees, I understood how to balace the complexity of the costume and all his accessories (hat included) to a good fit. The customer was really happy about it!

Steampunk Pirate Costume